Hi guys I got a confession to make recently I decided to stay at my mum while this Coronavirus started and my mum is British asian divorced in her 38-40’ so 1 early morning I woke up to some sound and it was the sound of my mum moaning I slowly creeped out to see what’s going cuz my mom never told me about a guy so I went check and my mom bedroom door was tiny bit open enough for me to see and I could see my mom bent over taking a white c*** up her ass and honestly it got me hard n h**** just hearing her mom and seeing a c*** inside her ass while her face was buried in the pillow I have never tried s******* my mom but just hearing and knowing she love a white c*** and most asian and white don’t really mix like that but the best thing was knowing he was deep inside her I would hear him tell my mom his gonna destroy her brown ass my mom would beg for his white c*** I didn’t no how much of s*** my mom can be when it came to s** and I really love wanking to the sound of my mom getting shagged by a while male

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  • Die please

  • Moms deserve hot s**!!!

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