Zena Loves This

I could not know why did Zena so far liked only missionary and riding c*** positions, not in others position, specially doggy. I was an admirer of doggy-position too, f****** from behind – hard and deeper. I am recently contemplating to do it on her! Her visit on the following weekend was due as she confirmed her arrival on the Friday noon. Her phone call started to warm me up. and my 7.5” tool started to harden in anticipation of her arrival. I shaved my c*** area, took a long shower, I was determined to f*** her doggy this time. I thought she would like it as it will hit her internal erogenous zones through brushing the flared k*** of my c*** brushing close against her g-spot and more forcefully than in any other positions. In fact I did need to get the depth when slightly adjust positioning my hard c*** to enter into a sloppy-juicy c***!! It would also feel me more animalistic and kinkier than a lot of other positions. I used to find it somewhat domineering on my partner when I first started having s** with other mature women, but then I realized that it was kinky and I actually kind of liked it since I was in total control in f******.
Zena arrived late in the afternoon, had quick shower alone and slumped her tired body on my bed. When I was going to call her for supper, I saw her lying in my bed dozing off, I could see her curves in the subdued light in the room; she’s only half covered upper, lying on her side one leg exposed up to the thigh, the other folded up beneath the cover sheet – one of her b**** peeping through the cover, nip protruding and erect. She was mostly nude, without panties, firm ass bared and jutted out. The curve of her p**** lips was in mangled state but slit partly glistening between her upper thighs. I wonder if she was still awake, I felt my c*** rising at this erotic display, I slid nude stealthily by her side, then slid the rest of my body beside her, placing my hard c*** between her smooth ass cheeks, and kissed her back… “Mmmmm,” she moaned, perched up half turning on her elbow and our lips met. She reached back, searching, to feel my now rock-solid throbbing d***, gently stroking.
I slid my hands down her smooth warm curves, stopping at her raised hips, gaining access to the warm hole underneath that I longed to fill by my throbbing c***. She arched, her firm ass goes upward and the upper thigh rose up a bit, I pulled her hips to me - in position now, I gently stroked her pulsating c***. I could feel her wetness; she was ready to go, I tested her wetness by my finger and sucked it, took the wet finger to probe between her wet p**** lips… I guided my c*** underneath her ass, the k*** met her wet p**** slit, she gasped. I opened it with my finger, checked its wetness with my fingers by opening it and I slowly slid my c*** inside her slippery folds. The pleasure of entering her was indescribable, she exhaled and moaned, I sank my c*** into her p**** and she gripped my hand tight!! This was the time to flip her over on her knees – to doggy position. Yes, I did that. Hesitantly for a moment, she relented.
She rocked back, pushing herself up to suit her this doggy position – Now my d*** was piercing deeper into her sweet warm hole, I seized her hips and pull her to me… She settled down on all fours by widening her thighs. I started to f*** her with long, pounding strokes with my c***. She moved back and forth, meeting my thrusts with of her own. My heavy b**** were slapping loudly against the narrow valley of her ass cheeks.
Yes, I thrusted hard, slamming against her butt, again and again, she softly cried out as I hit the end of her hole, I started to hump hard against her, trying to fill her with my c***, as deeply as I could. She reciprocated my thrust. Good b****, I only muttered. She was screaming now, and I grunt deeply, slapped her ass cheeks, then leaned down on her back as she rested her head on the pillow. I slid my hands up to her swinging t*** below, squeezing them, squeezing the hard nipples as her body shook with pleasure.
Her head tossed back, she turned to look at her p**** from behind her spread out thighs with half closed eyes on the pillow, her dark hair cascading down on the side of her back… I reached for her hair… And pulled it tightly, as I shoved my d*** deeper into now profusely juicy c***, she screamed, and her body quivered with a series o*****, and she squirted pees. I was thrusting hard, banging against the sexy ass raised high, giving her all my l***, grunting like an animal as I kept driving my throbbing c*** deeper ravishing – destroying it to her o****** … she was ecstatic, whimpering, muttering – make me your b****!! Mmmmm!!!
I slapped again her ass cheeks hard synchronizing with her moans… Suddenly I felt her p**** muscles clenched h****** my throbbing c*** inside. I started feeling my groin tightening, as I released my hot c** in gushes deep into her p****, I groaned and gripped her waist tight with my hands, she cried out loudly for a final time and let loose her whole body down. I fell onto her back spent, and we laid ourselves in an intertwined heap, panting, sweating. “I need that every day, darling,” she moaned. I was more than happy!!! She turned on her side and wrapped her from behind by my hands drawing her closer to me body – I could feel that my c** mixed with her juices was flowing slowly down her p****. The smell was intoxication but we dozed off this way …. The night was still young to have more out of this b**** now….
One of my x-es, aged in her late 40s, a lover of doggy s** used to say that I was her c*** crusher! I she used to enjoy long hours of f**** at a stretch. Invariably she could not walk properly with het swollen c***, took her 24 to 30 hours to recover but after that she would go for it again. Yes, I was now going to try this technique on Zena now. It was passed 3 o’clock, she deep in sleeping I left her to go to bathroom, washed myself well. I wore a special sheath made of thermal material over my erect c***. It was good for allowing heat transfer quite well between my c*** and a c***. On the other hand, it added some more girth to my c***! I returned to my bed, when Zena stirred herself, woke up. She quickly went to the bathroom to pee and wash herself clean from the earlier f*** session.
I was ready by the time he returned. She laid herself astride of my chest and stated nibbling and twitching my very sensitive nips. Suddenly she started sucking on my nips – It was enough to excite my passion for s**. Her b**** were hanging closely over my mouth. I grabbed them by my hands and started massaging them, took one nip to my mouth suck on. Soon I moved one of my hands down to stroke her p**** slit to massage her c***. Then I started finger f*** her p****. She was getting wet, slippery … Within 15 mnts or so, she got up to ride my c*** but I stopped and turn her around, told her it was doggy night!
She was on her four now – butt exposed and high offering her glistening puffy p**** lips. I ran my finger along the slit, separated the inner folds to check her wetness. Wow! She was ready. I slowly took position between her widespread thighs, pushed the head of my c*** slowly. Buried half of it, she turned hear around for a moment, looked to my face but did not say anything. I pushed my c*** some more – it slowly glided in to almost the end of her hole. I did not move nor did she. I was feeling the warmth of his hole while the sheath heats up with our bodily warmth. She just uttered: ‘I can feel your girth now – it fills me well!’

Jun 29, 2020

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