Business Trip Gay Toy

When I go on business trips I post on Doublelist (used to use Craigslist) staying what hotel I’m at. Once somebody emails me we talk about protection and if they agree I tell them which rental car is mine and to get the key to my room from the windshield. I write the room number on it and leave it. Once back in my room I have now passed the point of no return; I get naked and wait. My adrenaline is always pumping, especially when I hear the door click open. It’s usually the same, they walk in, slap my ass and grab me. Then they strip shove their c*** in my mouth. Then they rubber up and pound me. Once they c**, they are gone. One time I hope they take the key and are waiting for me when I get back to my room.

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  • That is very erotic, I understand your emotions must be going thorough the roof in anticipation of what is about to happen once they enter your room. As you dont know what is really going to happen Hot vary Hot. The adrenaline rush must be very addicting. Perhaps its time to start thinking about a romantic meeting and staying with you for a while. Maybe its time to find a steady lover near home.

  • I am a married guy and I have a cute younger boyfriend on the side. I enjoy s** with him and my s** life with my wife has improved since I started seeing him.

  • I was at a seminar out of town and discovered that I had a feminine side. The older man I shared a hotel room busted my cherry @ss the first night. I was 18 and fresh out of school working my first real job and was wearing panties for him after that first wonderful night. He bought them for me.

  • Dream on sickFUCK

  • Sounds hot

  • YOU dumbFUCK Leave your key on the windshield. Hope a gang finds it and robs you blind, takes your clothes and car.

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