Staying with the In Laws

My wife (40) and i (44) were staying with her parents (in their early 70's) - one Saturday morning my wife and I woke up v h**** and started at it. After changing position into doggy with her on her knees and elbow and me behind her with my back to the door pounding away.

Just as my wife starts to o***** and I am about to c**, my wifes mother walks in with laundry in her hands, my wife screams, I pull out and turn around just as the c** leave my c***.....the first spurt hit my mom in law on the lower lip and chin. The second hit the laundry and the third the floor (not sure where the rest went). My MIL didn't miss a beat, she licked the c** off her lip and chin and then scooped up the c** from the laundry with her finger and licked it off.

That's when she realised what she had done and ran from the room. I burst out laughing and my wife was horrified.

When we went down stairs my wife and her mom were quite weird about it, i tried breaking the ice by saying "next time you want some just ask" but my wife didn't find that funny at all.

Jul 3, 2020

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  • Ok either you are making this crap up or her face was down close to your lower extremities. She was must be a desperate old lady. And why would she lick your c** off her chin when you were inside her daughter? That's just sick.

  • Last weekend my wife had to travel one state over to visit a girlfriend who has just split up with her husband (turns out he likes to wear women's clothes...). While she was gone my MIL decided to take matters in to her own hands and ask me for some more 'juice'. I like a big chicken ran from her and went to my bedroom and wouldn't come out. Maybe I should just have dropped my shorts and let her have her fill.

  • Hilarious. Keep at them.

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