Friends Pool

Today I went to my friends house with my daughters and had a cook out. Our girls are the same age but as the day went on I noticed my friend checking out my oldest,12. I knew he had a lot to drink but it became a bit obvious, at least to me. I was getting annoyed and had to use the bathroom. I went inside and was looking out at the pool and noticed his daughter. For some reason I started looking in the hamper and found a pair of his daughters dirty panties. I started to j*** off and ended up c****** all over her panties. I felt much better about the situation.



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  • I hope you see her again soon.

  • As a 14 year old girl id say swap daughters and f*** in the same room or rooms next to each other so you can hear

  • You sound amazing

  • Why are there so many sick pedohiles on here ? I hope someone from law enforcement is monitering this site and arrests this creeps .

  • Go to Missing and exploited children website and make a report about this place and naughty confessions as I do. Keep doing it and hopefully they will get rid of these posts or shut this place down.

  • And when you see these sick posts troll them like this FUCKoffSICKpedo. that gets them mad and wrecks their wacking sessions.

  • That's because this is a site where people safely can confess all kinds of things which are taboo in society.

  • Back off pedos

  • Same only iwas swimming with their daughter and her parents were drunk and there dau let her top drop off for me. She came toward me and we touched a bit until her dad got up. Then she went down to put her top back on and it was over. We tried hooking up but it didn't happen.

  • God learn how the write!

  • How old was she at the time?

  • She was 9

  • Fake story written by an old bald man.

  • Shut up PEDOS When will you quit this BULLSHIT

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