Wife's Confession

Years ago when my wife and I were dating she told me her uncle used to do stuff to her. She liked talking about it when we f***** and sometimes call me Uncle XXX> It was weird at first but I started to enjoy it after a while.
After we got married I started to share her with friends and other men we'd meet in cubs, mostly strip clubs. here we are 15 years later and I still share her, but I can't help but hoping our daughters grow up to be just like mom.

Jul 6, 2020


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  • The best way when your father f*** you he your first love xx

  • I'm April, a F 30. My b**** mother hated me, and said she wished I was a boy. But my Daddy loved me to death. And always dressed me in short skirts. Even in winter I prefer them, I never wore pants and loved showing him my legs. Even today I only have one pair of jeans.

    As early a 5, I can remember I'd sit in Daddy's lap straddling him. He would be in his boxers and I could feel his c*** get hard and press against my p****. I knew it felt good and never told my b**** mom. Early on I knew Daddy was all mine.

    When I was 10, one day I just stopped wearing panties. I climb on Daddy and he realized it , his c*** got so hard. I whisper,"Take yours off too". A second later my bare p**** was rubbing on him. It was all instinct that I started moving my hips. I always got wet from rubbing on Daddy, but this time I was soaked. After 10 minutes I dug my nails into his shoulders and yelled Daddy. I came for the first time.

    Daddy went crazy, grabbed my hips and move very fast. A minute later I saw a felt his c** on me for the first time. I was amazed and obsessed with his c*** from that day on. This became a daily thing as mom work at night in a dinner.

    I'm sure mom knew what was going on, because on my 12th birthday, she simply said, "I'm leaving. You two can live your perverted life together." She left that night, without a good bye. We never saw her again.

    Daddy changed all the locks that week
    and on my own I began sleeping with him. A month later, he lubricating me and I lost my virginity. Daddy's c*** is 8 inches and thick. He only got 3 inches in me it hurt so bad, but within a week I wanted it and began to c** from s**.

    At 17, I had the first of out 3 children.

    We love each other completely and live like we are married.

  • I love watching my hubby of 24 years f*** other women. Watching him f*** them hard is sooo f****** hot. It’s making me all WET just writing about it

  • Tell me about it thebluestdevil@yahoo.com

  • Hello you got me hot wife

  • Sorry?

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