Middle Scholl Tracher

Have any other teachers watched p*** jerked off under the desk while the students take a test?



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  • So . . . . . . . . in addition to being a pervert, you also can't spell for s***? You included a total of three words in your caption or title, and you misspelled two of them. No wonder our education system is in the crapper: our teachers are apparently illiterate pedophiles. Holy mother, help us all.

  • I saw a short film on TV where this female teacher had wah wah b**** in and basically had an o***** while talking to a kid in class. Interesting how whats pc changes. Remember when teachers could have a car sticker that said teachers do it with class. No way could you do that now. Like also when I was in middle school we had this female teacher who wore min dresses and us prepubescent boys would make a point of seeing the color of her undies.

    times change.

  • You still have that sticker on the back of your Yugo

  • It can be done.

  • I knew you guys did that! I know I probably would.... Arthur

  • No qualified teacher spells as badly as OP does. You been played, son

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