Family Owned

When I was young I found my dads p*** collection. As much as I enjoyed looking at the naked women I enjoyed reading the stories that much more. there was one story that has stayed with me all these years that I still think about. It was about a few men who break out of jail and break into a house to hide out. But while they are there, they took advantage of the wife and daughters while they made dad/hub watch. After a few days both the wife and daughters were begging for more. All the while the hub/dad was tied up as he watched his wife and daughters enjoy c*** after c***.



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  • Growing up finding p*** collections were like finding gold. Some of the images were shocking, for the time. I do also remember some of the shocking stories. Sometimes the stories were more surprising then the pictures with them.

  • Shut theFUCKup FUCKINGpedo

  • Once those little girls get c ock they always beg for more

  • You are a sickFUCKING pedo

  • But enjoying nice tightpussy

  • Thats BULLSHITTassWIPE no mag would publish that krap. Not even Hustler mag wouldn't.

  • Good story

  • Thats fantastic.

  • It was a good story. Frankly I love the idea of being the hub/dad

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