These past few nights I have been sleeping with tight trousers so wen I am in bed my sister who Sleeps in same room ends up getting up to go to the toilet but she is older than me and sees me with wat she thought was a b**** but it's my actual d*** and not a b**** soo she stops and jus sits on her bed and says it's too warm and takes her shirt and vest of only left with a bra on and comes towards me as I am on my phone on a game and starts to act like she's jus being normal and I see her b**** come right close to my face idk if she was h**** or wat but then she sits on her bed and changes into her night clothes and as she is in her bra she looks at me and calls me trying to talk to me and getting my attention onto her big b**** soo I look but then felt abit awkward soo I opened my camera on my phone and acted like I was texting but was watching her and she thought I couldn't see her looking at my d*** and all of a sudden my d*** expands and I see her looking at it and raising her eyebrows with a dirty look like she wanted it and I see her slowly fingering herself in bed and then she goes to the toilet and when she comes back she changes her panties and out on see through tights and her big ass was out so I grab the panties she was fingering in and put them close to my nose they smelt soo nice I wanted to kick her p**** and now I've got them on in bed because I wanna c** in them and leave. Them in her box for her to wear and get h**** ... Wat should I do? Wait for her to get h**** to come to me or jus shoot my shot πŸ€”

Jul 7, 2020

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  • Why not just try to have s** with your sister??

  • How tho ... Shud I just wait for it to happen agen ... Or should I just start dry jumping her πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

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