Masterbated in GF bed this morning

My gf and I have great s** every time.She left for work this morning and left me sleeping in her apartment as usual.I woke up h**** around 830 and felt like j**********.I remembered that she has Vaseline in her bathroom(she normally uses it to moisten her lips).I went and scooped some,came back to bed,covered myself up and just rubbed it on my d*** head and all over.I moved much over to her side of the bed,played with my BIG d*** and unloaded all over her new extremely comfortable cream sheets. I was not thinking of any particular woman,just played with myself.I used to do that alot in my 20s but now in my 40s,I hardly do it. When I got out of bed hours later,there was a big wet spot on the bed.I dried it a little bit with tissues and made the bed just the way she likes it.I think she gets instantly h**** whenever she comes home and finds her bed so neatly made(am an outstanding bed maker by the way). I am not sure what she is gonna say or think about the wet spot when she gets home after work.I am thinking she is gonna think it was from last night's wild s**.

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