How fat is the fattest woman you’ve been with?

My wife told me the other morning she weighs 447 pounds. She was just coming out of the bathroom and weighed herself. She was in nothing but her panties, and I was in my drawers. I pushed her backwards onto the bed, pulled her panties off of her (she had to lift her gigantic ass off the bed to help me) and then I thrust my amazing 5-1/2” c*** into her fat p****.

As I f***** her I couldn’t help but think about how lucky she was to have such a perfect c*** inside her, and how lucky I was to be in such a fat woman.

I was still thinking about it later, and musing at how she’s fatter than ever now, the fattest woman I’ve ever f***** by at least 20 pounds. Before my wife I was with 3 other women who were over the 400 pound mark, and multiple partners in the 300s, but my wife is fatter than all of them.

Makes me wonder: what’s the fattest you’ve ever f*****?

Jul 14, 2020

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  • My fattest partners were 470, 430, 200, and 180. I’ve been sat on by 600 and 510 before though.

  • My wife is currently 725 lbs. She has always been big and was 450 lbs when we got married 7 years ago. The excess weight was never really a problem for her until the last 2 years where getting around and doing everyday things are growing more and more difficult for her..We have 2 childern, a home, and a bisiness to run and she is now waaay too big for her own good. We are going to see a bariatric specialist and surgeon next week to she if they can help her.

  • My current girlfriend now, She is 450, and its amazing. Love me some big women. She got on top of me last night for the first itme and it was amazing

  • Two fattest women I’ve ever slept with were 435 and 470. I’ve been squashed by 515 and 610 though.

  • My wife. Currently 604 lbs of fattened piggy.

  • My wife is the fattest I've ever been with. The thing is she keeps getting fatter, so the record keeps being broken...280, 300, 360, 390... not sure what the current record is because the scale only goes to 400. She can't do much in bed anymore, but just riding all that jiggling lard is amazing and the s** just keeps getting better the fatter she gets.

  • Your "amazing" 5 and 1/2 inch banana? I'm sorry to inform you that that's a little smaller than average. I won't have s** with a guy unless he's at least 6 and 1/2, but that's because I'm obese and he simply won't fit otherwise.

  • OP here. This is interesting. My wife is obese (almost 450 pounds) likely fatter than you and she seems to enjoy my size well enough. You think 5-1/2 is below average? I thought I had decent size. Well aware there are bigger examples out there but the other thing is I’m pretty skilled with mine.

  • Something else: my wife has also mentioned my size is good for giving oral. She likes being able to fit me completely in her mouth. We also have a lot of a*** s** and my size is perfect for that because it doesn’t hurt going in. So when I talk about my amazing c*** I do think I have nice size but it’s more about how we use it than how big or small it is.

  • I was married to a woman who started out at about 180 and ended up ballooning to about 240. I have to point out that as well as being sexy, it's also comical when women gain weight. She thought it was funny, too. Like one time she picked up her jeans off the floor and held them out to either side and smiled. Both of us couldn't believe how big the jeans were, but when she put them on, they were snug and you could see the outline of her fat belly hanging when she wore them, and her bus-sized ass. Or when she would walk around the house without clothes and burst into hysterics because when she stopped at the couch or the sink, her fat kept on jiggling for 10 seconds. We're still friends and she's still fat. But my new GF is slim slim slim.

  • 317 pounds. Had to push her fat stomach to one side to get in there, and from behind, there was a river of cellulite and flab. Plus she had a huge FUPA. Fun but after a while, a lot of work to climb up and get the job done, plus you can't throw them around in bed, and you can't pick them up and put them on the kitchen counter and f*** them like you can a woman who is petite and cute.

  • My girl starting putting on weight a few years back after a less active job. To my surprise intimacy got better and better the heavier she got. She's about 250 lbs now. So thick, soft, amazing. I never knew what I was missing until she started gaining. It's like discovering a different world.

  • My wife is heading for 600lbs

  • My mom worked as a night nurse and
    I would stay with the woman who owned the small apartment house where we lived. She started playing with me the very first night starting at 8 years old. Jennifer weighed 350 pounds and was 58 years old. She had a pretty face, long black hair and huge b****.

    From first night Jennifer showered with me, and asked me explore her body. That night she taught me to suck her b**** and with in a week to m********* her. I never told mom, I liked what we were doing.

    Jennifer total me she loved me and she was my wife and I was her husband. We kissed a lot and she began my training. She taught me all about s** and she would suck me and tongue f*** my ass. My c*** was small then, only 4 inches and I couldn't c** but we had s**. Our favorite position was Jennifer on her side and me entering her in a modified doggie style. Not much was in her, but she orgasmed very hard. In the beginning she would say over and over, Oh my God, I'm letting a 9 year old f*** me.

    At 13, I came for the first time from oral in her mouth. She started to cry and said, "Finally, now you're mine forever". It was true, I wanted no other girl only her. We had s** almost every night 2 or 3 times.

    I fell in loved with her and fat s**. My c*** grew and by 15 I was 8 inches. It felt so good being in her p**** or ass. One weekend a month, we had threesome with her friend who was also fat and into young guys.

    I'm 21 now, Jennifer is 71. At 18, I just moved in with her. My mother disowned me and called Jennifer a sick fat b****.

    I just told mom, that how I like Jennifer super mature and fat. During the lockdown it been constant s** and oral. She can't get enough.

    I know she used and molested me, but I only want her fat sexy body.

  • GRANDMA FVCKER! You should be ashamed of yourself and that fat pig you are with is going to roast in h***.

  • Just coming out of the bathroom? I’ll bet that fat b**** blows the lid off that room every time she sits her fat ass down to take a s***! Nasty!

  • Please don’t call my wife a b****. Calling her fat is fair game, since she is. Even I call her fat. But don’t call her a b****.

    Also least once a week I have to go in behind her and clean up her mess/unclog a toilet, and so on. I guess it’s just part of marriage to a fat woman.

  • Hard pass. Anyone over 150 is a f***** I have no interest in.

    Also, your c*** isn’t that big. Especially since you’re using it to f*** obese land whales!

  • Fattest was 200 pounds or so. That was fat enough!

  • I’m a little stunned people are reacting the way they are. I thought most guys at least secretly wanted to be with a fat chick. I’m just open about it. I’m sure most of you would take a look at my wife and even if you won’t publicly admit you’d want to do her.

  • Look, most guys are f****** a*******, hands down. Look who starts all the wars, look who it is that rapes and murders and beats women, look at how much effort is spent, especially in the middle east and the shithole countries of Pakistan, etc. on keeping women down. Most guys are f****** a*******.

  • No way, man. That’s fatter than any two women I’ve ever been with combined. A little curviness is ok, but 447 pounds is just a fat mess. Most guys don’t want to be with that.

  • Remember school days wouldn't give the big girls a second look i now realize how stupid i was not too,im having fun making up for lost time

  • 4 different women over 400 pounds? Something is wrong with you.

  • So you’ve been with 4 different women who’ve been over 400 pounds. Something is wrong with you.

  • I just don’t understand it. I work out, train hard, and then guys like OP just go and marry fat women anyway. I see a lot of fat women walking around with husbands and a lot of my friends and I can’t attract a man despite being cute, fit, and all.

  • Maybe try gaining some weight?

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