Family's Hidden Secret pt 2

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In my last confession, I talked about my parents and sister, and their sexual activities, well now I shall share mine. Believe it or not, I began masterbating at the age of five, I know right! Of course I didn't know that what I was doing, because I was five, I just knew if I dry humped something(usually the recliner) I would feel this awesome feeling in my crotch. It wasn't exactly a dry hump, it was more of a girl in doggy style going up and down on a d***. I now use a mix of my method and average method of masturbating to get off. Me masturbating wasn't the big deal, it was what I masturbated to. Since I was around five-sixish, I found out that wearing panties turn me on, I would constantly steal my sister clothes to j******* in. Over time it gotten more and more obsessive, I usually steal something being thrown away, for a long period of time, or I just j******* in her panties then put them back. I have also stolen my neighbor's panties (I feed her dog) as well as my friend sister's and mother's panties, I also stole some panties from a clothing store. Right now I wearing her panties she threw away. That isn't the end of that, but I'm running out of time, Will update in a few days.

Jul 17, 2020

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  • Do you literally w ank off to everything you post on here?

  • That's adorable, that you think anyone cares about your particular details.
    Oops, I misspelled "narcissistic". It's my autocorrect that mysteriously only works on this site. Can't change it. So sorry.

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