Smelling my cousins underwear

I had always liked her and one day she was at my house and i spanked her but not hard, and she noticed i had a b**** she she put her shoe on it. A few minutes later she opened her legs and told me "i know you want to touch it" so i fingered her through her pants. After i fingered her she started to stroke my d*** and i let her. So i went to her house and i knew where her dirty clothes were at and i looked for one. I found one so I went to her bathroom and put them on, then i sniffed them, and i was masturbating while sniffing them. I did that every time i went to here house and every time she stroked my d*** i would finger her and i would grab her ass and b**** and lick it. So a couple months later i went to her house and this time i did the same thing, but not in the bathroom in her room and she caught me masturbating to her panties.

Jun 16, 2014

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  • I do it too

  • I use to finger and like my 8year old cousins but now that im thirteen they won't let me so when they vist I steal there brad and panties and even my ducking hot ants panties

  • How do you sniff panties while wearing them?

  • I do it every time I'm at my mother in-laws house with her dirty panties love the taste and smell of her p****

  • Yepp I love smelling my cousin dirty panties man she keeps her p**** so clean I stell a pair something 2 pair he'll the reasons to smell her croch never do tha smell coochie 😢

  • I do it to my mother in law's house

  • I smelling a couple of my cousin panties.....i loved it s*** kept my d*** hard im buying woman panties every since s*** ....i love the smell.....

  • Finger and feel, h*** you should have stuck her. I f***** three of my cousins on every visit. One spent the summer and I did her all the time. She had not had her first period yet, so she could take all the loads i could give.

  • Lucky

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