Getting back

What would a man do to get back what he has lost due to a silly mistake and bad attitude?
would he want to get back and get more benefits ?

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  • Actions > words. Real men don't have to keep referring to themselves as men, their actions bear that out all by themselves

  • Yes, learn from your mistakes and don't repeat them and you will benefit more by the lessons learned from it.

  • If he is a white man he is done. Why you think you deserve another chance.

  • I'm white, but I totally agree that the answer does depend on one's race. White people have very little capacity for regret, while black people have very little need for it.

  • All people make mistakes. We all made the same mistake coming here.

  • ANY statement that says "All ____ people are ____" in reference to skin color is a racist statement.

    One thing virtue signalers are *terrified* of is taking a clear look in the mirror.

    Thanks for demonstrating that.

  • Then your racist,, congratulations

  • And you're stupid, well-done, dickwheat.

  • What a well-thought-out reply. I think I'll join YOUR team.


  • Depends on the mistake made and the benefits he wants. And on him being a lot more specific with details, unless he's just fishing for attention.

  • 22 days and counting with no clarification. I'm gonna go with "fishing for attention".

  • A vague "confession" like this won't get any more detail added to it. OP just needs to crank it more often

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