My hot niece

First, forgive me, its been 10 years or so, so details are fuzzy....
So she's my my half sisters daughter, She's 17 and was out with her friend drinking. They probably had fake ID's idk.
They missed the buss, and she didn't want to call her parents to come pick them up, so she called thinking I'd be cool about it.
Driving home the girls in the back and my niece up front where very drunk and noisy, for some reason (forgotten how it started) my niece decided she was going to try to make me embarrass. She kissed my on the cheek, egged on by he girls in the back, laughing and giggling, she flashed her t*** too. (I nearly drove off the road) and yes that made me blush badly, and gave me a semi too, in my track pants. quickly forwarding to after I dropped of the other girls. I'm alone with her in the car, I feel awkward. So I ask why she flashed me, she says why not and didn't I like it? I tried to play it off. She said she noticed my semi in my pants and she said she bet she could make it hard again, she flashed one of her b**** and I flush, what a dead give away. She laugh at my reaction and take my hand on to her nice firm t***. I get instantly really hard. I decide when its now or never. I pull over and I tell her if she's going to play like that, at least let me see something more. She ask me what, I point to her p****, she seems uncertain at first and I think I went to far, but then she pull up her skirt showing me her panties. I ask her if I can see it, she respond that I can if I let her see my d***. She pulls down her panties, and I pull out my now full errect d***. Never been so excited/nervous. I start touching her p****, and she after just a short while, she bends over to my d*** to stroke it.
This exposes her ass, so I play with it and finger her a****** while she started sucking my d***. I decide it risky to do it here in the car, and ask her if she'll like to come home to my place and have our little fun there. Long story short, we go home and have clumsy s** and fall asleep. The morning s** after the shower was much better and less clumsy. I f***** her a few times again since then, mostly in periods where she had no boyfriend.


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  • I would love to go between her legs and suck her dry

  • First of all your writing is disgusting and fake. But drop it incest lover.

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