Daughter Swap

I have a fantasy of me and my friend swapping daughters and al f****** in the same room.

Jul 18, 2020

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  • If they are of legal ages then start with in separate rooms. If everything goes well the you may f*** in the same room. The aim is likely to be 4-some acts.

  • If they are in legal ages then first do it in separate rooms. If it goes well for a couple of times, then so it in the same room. Yes, the ultimate aim should be a 4-some s**.

  • Good idea....Yes, I love the idea of watching my friend f*** my daughter as much as I'd like to f*** his daughter.

  • Got one11

  • Perfect

  • Let's swap...lol When she older that is.

  • I'll swap...lol. Have to wait a while though.

  • Wonderful

  • I do daughters swooping, with my best friends daughter, but both my daughters are of legal age and consenting and so are his, we do it together in the same room, its only pedos if they are under age, they are consenting adults

  • Wow! 🙄😳
    If that is true..🥺 It'd sure be a privilege to get to know you someday whoa!🤯
    I'm 30/m and single for several years now, by choice and purpose, but in the past I have dated daughters with attractive moms and moms with attractive daughters...
    Firstly, I'm not the skid you usually see posting on here, in fact it's my first, but I have ALWAYS almost known that more than any sexual thought, that kind of arrangement is optimal for everyone and safer and many more possible benefits. AS LONG AS AGE IS LEGAL. IT'S COMMUNICATED, AGREED AND NOT FORCED IN ANY WAY.

  • Love to mine is 10

  • RIHANNA was DPED age 10

  • Better wait until she's older....

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