So that happened

I was out camping with my BF and some other friends, I watched him flirting all night with some other girl and then all of a sudden at some point, I don't even know what time it was but it was late and I looked around and the two of them were gone, I went for a walk but couldn't find either of them and got mad. I ended up meeting up with an old family friend who is 6 years older than I (I am 19) and we started walking and talking and ended up at his families cabin.
Somehow a friend of his was there and I started making out with one then the other and we ended up on the floor in the living room and I put out for both of them. I was way drunk and after the first like 5 minutes I just wanted to stop but didn't know how to say that and ended up banging two guys until well after the sun came up. I don't remember a lot but I remember just doing it over and over and over with one then the other then both and just when I thought it would end it all started again.
Oh god, Why did I do that, I feel terrible about cheating, About being with a family friend and about being with two guys at the same time, I never wanted or planned on doing any of those things and just feel awful.

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  • You were drunk and p***** at your b/f. Just put it down as an experience that you'll never do again.

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