yeah- so what

i have a lot of anger at you for the crappy way you treated me this time last year- and it p***** me off even more that you're never going to say you're sorry- because THAT would be admitting that you actually did something s***** and God knows YOU have never done anything mean to anyone in your life ever! And even if you did, it must have been something THEY did to MAKE you have to do it right? No, you're just an a******.

It also p***** me off that, yeah, I am angry but I'll have no one to tell it to. This is just another thing that I will have to deal with on my own. Cuz God knows when YOU have an issue, it's ALL ABOUT YOU AND ONLY YOU. It's like you forget other people exist- except as your own personal support team.

You are a whiny insolent spoiled BRAT. You're a j*** that doesn't know boundaries and has NO self awareness. A MAMA'S BOY. All you ever do is tell people to 'get over it'. WHy don't you take your own f****** advice for once and quit pining over your stupid ex that you chased away with your own bullshit behavior D*******.

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  • Try your best to forget about him. Vent in a good way, don't hurt anyone. If you have a chance to calmly talk to him, he might understand.

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