Daddy my perfect lover

I'm a 27 year old WF. And have to say that any woman, not sexual involved with her father is Fool.

My Daddy and I have been lovers since I was 18. The s** is incredible and we love each other completely. When you are with your father sexually and emotionally, he is completely devoted to you. He will never be unfaithful and love you unconditionally.

I was far from a virgin, but every guy I was with always looking to cheat on me or f*** my friends.

Daddy only wants me. He divorced mom to be with me. After we started he never f***** mom again. Daddy said, he could never have s** with mom, after being with me. For the first time he said he was totally sexually satisfied.

I'm pregnant by him, due in December. 2 of my friends are also involved with their Dads and feel like me. No man will love them as much as their Fathers. And only their Dads can fulfill them emotionally and sexually.

I love Daddy so much. BTW Daddy's c*** is 8+ inches and at 54 he can and wants s** 3 or 4 times a day.


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  • Look in the mirror and you will see the real fool. Just BS incest propaganda!

  • How did it happen the first time

  • We went camping by a lake, swam nude all day, drank a bit to much and that night in the tent we let nature take it course. I was what I wanted since I was 13 years old.

  • Good luck to you both

  • Their is nothing like a father's love

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