Babygirl and Daddy

I'm 14 years old and I love the thought of having a strong daddy and it makes me so wet. I touch myself all the time thinking about a guy touching and tasting my untouched p****. I want a dominat daddy who tells me what to do and I can tease him all the time so that he will punish me. I know Im only 14 but feel more mature than most people my age and I shouldn't be thinking of stuff like that but I can not help it. I'm deciding to wait until I'm older to have s** but I am starting highschool and I don't know what I'll get myself into. Guys my age aren't really interested in having relationships but are more interested in getting into girls pants. I just want a guy that will tease me sexually but understands I'm not ready to have s**.

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  • A man wrote this

  • If your wanting to have s** with your dad, do it. My mom took my virginity, then I took my 3 sisters virginity

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  • Guys will want to have s** of course thats 4 boys and girls to tease each other and satisfy their l***

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