Agatha Christie wrote many detective stories, but she was not a detective. Likewise some folks at this site write naughty stories about stuff they would really never do themselves, but enjoy imagining those things. I confess that I have written several pieces, but would never actually carry out those activities for many reasons; legal or otherwise. But my confession is that I like to "bait" some of the commentators here into reacting as "blue noses". Self-righteous people like to get angry so they vent by calling out sinful acts and denigrating "sinful" people who confess. I enjoy baiting those self-righteous people. What fun!

Next Confession

I love to sniff tights and **

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  • I like the way you wrote this, and the thoughtful way you approached it. I suspect you're a quite good writer and I would love to know --- at least occasionally --- when you've made a contribution, just so I can follow your progress and understand more about your process. And see your creativity at work in this space. Please consider adding a signature or sign-off at the end of one of your pieces, not always, but just from time to time, such as:

    "HP" or "Hercule", for Hercule poirrot; or
    "AC" or "Agatha" for Agatha Christie"; or just

    Best wishes and happy writing

    If you're willing to answer a few questions about style, inspiration, and creativity, please let me know. I doubt I'm the only one interested in, or who would benefit from, your thoughts. Either way, thanks for sharing your work.

  • I know what you mean. There's one occasional poster here who uses old-fashioned "bad words", and I'm sure I've seen you bait him/her and then snap the blade off when they rise to the bait. I have to say you do it brilliantly. Well-done!!

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