My friends are so stupid. They

My friends are so stupid. They constantly do stupid and even illegal things while driving, like texting or taking their eyes off the road to reach for something they don't even really need.
Is it bad that I constantly wish they would get into a minor car accident where they aren't injured but damage their cars just so they will have a wake-up call and stop being stupid?

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  • ^ Its just proven by statistics. new younger drivers think they are invincible and the best damn driver ever. Enjoy your f***** up insurance.

  • idk you can think w.e you want but that p***** me off so bad also. i cant stand when people yell at other cars while driving or speed up and cut people off for no reason. it makes me scared for my life when im in the passenger seat. whenever i tell them to stop and freak out they think im joking. wtffff

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