High Intensity Person

I feel like I'm constantly on 100%. People don't think about me as much as I obsess over them, they don't type responses as long as mine, they don't freak out (good or bad) over things the way I do. I feel like I'm constantly venting/talking about my emotions when I don't completely understand them, and I'm afraid it turns the people around me off. They're all chill, and that's likeable, but I know I don't give off the vibes of a very chill person.

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  • As a very intense person myself, my best advice is to get therapy!! I've always been very high-energy and emotionally intense, but being in counselling has given me a lot more emotional insight. Bad OR good things can send me over the edge, and I get absolutely blinded by my moods.

    I don't think of myself as traumatized, but the more I get to know myself, the more I understand why I'm reacting the way I do. I definetly have traits of BPD, but I am so high functioning I could probably go my whole life without a diagnosis, cuz i just come off as... intense.

    U def don't need to be a chill person to make awesome friends, and I think my intensity is part of what makes me so creative, and makes me who I am! But being in therapy helps keep my life on track, so my emotions (good or bad) aren't getting in the way of schoolwork, friends, other life obligations, etc. best of luck

  • Yes, it can be annoying, but true friends would rather be annoyed, instead of not knowing how you feel.

  • Yes, that would be annoying to be around. Take up meditation.

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