I want to be trans

I want to be trans. I am a cis male and want to be f***** in my v*****. I want to get rid of my p**** to have a v***** and grow massive b**** as well. But I also want to keep my deep voice and male persona, I just want the genitals of a woman. I also experiment with my sisters and mothers clothing, and I am wearing one of my mother’s bras (that fit me, I have DD size b**** from gynecomastia, which is a gift from the heavens for me) as I type this. None of my family know this and I’d probably kill myself if they found out about any of this.



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  • When I graduated college 4 years ago I met a 30 year old guy like you. He had your condition and crossed dressed. He seduced me and I began f****** him daily. He was very little body hair and was fem to begin with, most people think he a girl, i do. His b**** are C cup.

    I'm in love with him. I moved in with him and we live like man and wife. I loved sucking his b**** and t** f****** him. He can get enough c** to swallow.

    He doesn't work and during the lockdown is always naked we have s** constantly. His c*** is also very small 2 inches. He wants to transition, but I love him as he is. I love his tight ass, it better than any p**** I've had. I love and seeing his tiny c*** c** from a***.

    He was a complete virgin, never was with anyone but me. He's asleep on our bed, i can see his beautiful ass, my c*** is so hard, I'm going to f*** him now. 5th time today.

    I want to marry him.

  • You need God and Jesus Christ

  • I forgot the term, but you don’t seem like you have gender dysphoria. All these religious and conservative ass hats don’t know what they’re talking about. They just wanna bring people down. I say explore your feelings. Maybe not think about the sexual fantasies but really ask yourself if you are willing to go through the process of transitioning, whether it be medical or just dressing up. Research the T in LGBT, and see if any of the labels fit.

  • More proof that trans or ppl who like to pretend to be them are mentally ill

  • Kill your self you f****** f*****.
    The world does not need people that are not attracted to the opposite gender.
    God created Eve to be with Adam, any other arrangement is sick and perverse.

  • Hi I have never been with a guy who wants to be a trans and don't worry about wearing panties or bras as I do all the time and have for a long time
    and only other gays know that I do. I would love to meet you and enjoy some fun together having s**. How big is your c***? Email me at legg.r034@aol.com anytime. Have a great day.

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