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okay, so i was really happy about how things were going. we had a really good time hanging out tonight, and everything was perfect. but then you started rejecting me when i tried kissing you, and now you're "too lazy" to get a ride to meet me so that we could hang out all day tomorrow? what's going on? we're going on a trip to see one of your best friends who you haven't seen all year. i'm don't really believe that you like me anymore. it's hard to believe that you even like being around me. what happened to you wanting to go everywhere with me? it seems like now that we've started going out, you've lost all interest in me. it's like the challenge of making me like you has gone away. i don't understand, please just tell me what's wrong. you used to tell me everything that you were thinking, and now it's just hard to tell when you want to do something else. you know, i wish you were the one worrying about me being mad at you. that'd be a nice change. i might be reading too much into this, but i miss how things used to be. ugh, i love you, goodnight.

and to the people who were thinking of commenting on this... try not to be too harsh. ...i know the bad sides already.

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  • I am going financially down. i need more money. i never have enough lately paying for courses that sarina russo, bowi or poeta or all the people who assaulted me like rick and katey and bec or joyce or heaps of others should have paid for. why can't the govt force them to pay for some of my medical bills and education and holidays seeing they had so much fun abusing me. ken should pay and rsl and leigh and anyone who wronged me should help pay the taxation should make rape victims and child abuse victims get discounts on so many things its so unfair.how are we supposed to get ahead. these people are theives, it makes me sad that god allows them to get away with it and why cant they be punished so I can see them suffer and forced to pay me back. well I don't feel entitled I just feel its the art of being human which I was never allowed to have seeing others suffer and forced to help who they abuse. this is no longer gonna be my problem but their problem.

  • thank you. i think that's happening, but it's almost relieving to hear someone else tell me the same thing... just to kind of be sure what's going on.

  • that first comment... wasnt even funny. honestly.

    i don't want to be mean, but i went through the same thing.. from the opposite perspective. and.. when i was avoiding the persons kisses or avoiding the person altogether, it meant that things didnt feel right, and that... i wasnt interested. and it was a person who i told everything to, who knew everything about me, who was a really good friend. thats why your person probably hasnt told you how they really feel, and are instead avoiding you. it.. sucks. i know. but maybe i'm wrong, maybe things will work out. i dont really know.

  • thanks for that last comment. i really appreciate it.

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