Couldn't Go Camping

We had planned to go camping for the first time i wasn't keen but i had to work over the weekend i wasn't bothered but i was in a way my two sons of 14 and 16 agreed to go with there steep-mum, i worked the weekend and they arrived back late Sunday they said how they had all enjoyed it, but something was different about the boys and my wife i couldn't decide, they all seemed closer in a way my wife was more casual about nudity she would go from the bedroom to the bathroom naked and the boys were different toward her, i saw on occasions the older boy give her bottom a smack while passing, i know she likes spanking and she talks dirty talk during s** or before, i have herd her telling the boys the most filthy disgusting jokes, I am thinking the unthinkable



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  • Let your sons f*** her

  • I am sure it was happening with my wife and her step-sons i haven't caught them in the act, once i came home earlier than normal when i went into our bedroom there was that lingering after smell of s**, a mixture of s**** & virginal fluid in the room the bed looked as if it had been made quickly

  • Ile bot they were taking turns on her

  • Women love teaching boys to become men.

    I know I do, but I wait until they are “legal”. I bet your wife and sons had a very educational weekend.

    My guess is that those boys are now MEN

  • I have visions of them taking turns her or or both at the same time

  • Yes she is having s** with the boys

  • But one boy is only 14

  • So what?

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