Boys are sissys

I been hearing and seeing that girls all over are saying that us boys are sissys and up to an extent I agree with that you girls can and will control us boys.

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  • Ya but it good also that girls in control

  • Even if that control comes with a price? A loss of your masculinity and dignity.
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The world wouldn't be a better place if one or the other gender had control.

  • No you retarded s*** , that about "power corrupt" is just a lie invented to make sure that good people never try to be in control so the real corrupted people keep ruining everyone's life quite because they are totally in control

  • Lol why are you mad? The point is that anyone can become corrupt when their power is unchecked. Even a women. If you think that because they are female they can do know wrong you'd be mistaken.

  • Who cares? Be the man you want to be.

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