My girl friends pretended to be friends with a girl from our school, to hide the fact that they hated her. She had no idea they were going to shame her by stripping clothes off in front of boys that knew what was going to happen. She ended up topless with boys telling them "let's see her p****" and got the rest of her clothes forced off. I remember she just stood afraid to go anywhere while boys had a party checking her out. I'll never forget the humiliating expression on her face. It was cruel and even felt embarrassed about seen her stark naked exposing herself, but she deserved getting degraded like that for acting like consisted b****. In end it worked because she dropped out of school and never saw her again.

Jan 27

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  • You're a piece of s--t, and I hope this eats at you for years. Not only did you participate in a sexual assault, you sold out another female when you know good and godd--n well how hard it can be to be a teenaged girl. Shame on you. I firmly believe in karma, and you will get yours one day. With any luck, that girl will be there to see it. Hope you do some serious self-reflection and stop being a terrible human being.

  • What comes around goes around. I highly suggest you dingleberries start looking over your shoulders. Do any of you hear foot steps ?

  • WEEH

  • So sad


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