My girlfriend is japanese...her mom is in her 50s a short woman with a cute figure and a kinda french hair cut...last weekend we stopped by her moms place to visit and her dad was on a business trip...my girlfriend went upstairs to look at some pictures on her moms computer and I was in the living room just me and her mom...it felt kinda awkward for a while me and her mom just kinda had a cordial conversation. Her mom was wearing a light blue summer dress and sitting on the couch...when her mom looked at her phone to read a text I looked up her dress and saw her silky thigh high pantyhose...I instantly began getting wood...her mom and her went to the grocery store while I was doing some work on my laptop and I went upstairs to her moms room and looked through her panty drawer- in the drawer next to it she even has garters...I pulled out a black silk pair and sniffed them j********** into the sink and came all over the place. Cleaned up before they got back.

Aug 13, 2020

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  • Older Japanese women hardly wear pantyhose at home. But at that age they do have good smooth body and 34-cup b**** with little sag and tight p****.

  • Always nice to know that there are still classy/sexy women who wear pantyhose and thigh tops. Ladies take note! Nylons have great power when you wear them. You gain instant and powerful influence over men!

  • Nice!

    Take my advice. Do the mother. I did my GFs mom. Ended up breaking up with her but still f****** her mom over a year later.

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