Salt and Pepper

I’m 19. I prefer older women. Have popped a couple cherries but s** with women over 45 is amazing.

During CoViD I e been trying to bag the lady on the cul de sac down the street. I f***** her daughter a few years back when I was a freshman in high school and she was a senior. She lost a bet but we still hook up from time to time when she is in town. Anyways her mom is in her mid to late 50s divorced and has an amazing body. Always wears tight low cut tops and the tightest yoga pants. She has the body of a 18 year old. I always thought she was hotter than her daughter who is a perfect 10.

Anyways I went for a run today and found Victoria (the mom in her late 50s on the side of the road. The chain came off her bike.

I helped fix it the. Jogged beside her as she rode home. She invited me in to clean up my hands and “cool down”.

I was enjoying a Gatorade when she walked into the kitchen in a silk robe

She reached for my glass to refill it and her robe opened. Revealing everything. Her amazing perky breast (definitely fake but amazing) and the sexiest BUSH ever. It was salt and pepper (mostly salt). I couldn’t stop starring

She asked if I liked what I saw. I said “yes mam!” She said “now my daughter has said that you are an incredible f***. The best she has had”. “Do you mind showing an old woman how you guys do it these days”.

I dropped to my knees and eat that p**** till she gushed. Then I put her on the kitchen table and pounded her hard. We then went to the bedroom for some 69 (yes I ate my own c** for the first time). We orgasmed together then she kissed me with c** in our mouths. Then victoria slid my c*** back inside her and she rode me till we came again. Just as we were coming her daughter walked in the room.

She was laughing. She said “ mom how was it?”

Victoria replied “ sweetheart, this is my c***. Get your own. He is the best f*** I’ve EVER had!”

Aug 12, 2020

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  • Oh wow! A graying bush. Was it trimmed or natural?

  • Natural!

  • Natural. It was absolutely beautiful. She has dyed her hair blonde but her eyebrows are dark drown almost black.

    So I think the salt n pepper bush was totally natural and fully bushy.

  • That's h**** and reminds me that when I was about 25 used to watch my 60 year old mum undress most nights without her knowledge
    Mum had grey hair on her head but a thick natural bush of grey pubes between her legs that she trimmed just enough to keep it hidden in her knickers .
    I had a good w*** most nights and would have eagerly f***** my mum's hairy f****

  • Correction :-mum had grey hair on her head but a natural thick BROWN pubic bush between her legs
    ( I got distracted thinking about it ! ).
    I do love a mature bushy f**** !

  • Mature bush is the best!

  • Love looking at my sis 16yr p**** well matured and fked

  • Pedophile. And incest

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