Free to used

I want men to enjoy my body and my mouth love men t f*** my boy p**** .My brother was the first at 15 teen came home one night .Must tell you we share a double bed . In those day working class boy don't wear underwear just a vest in bed spoon into me put his hand on my clock and play with me got hard .Next thing got his c*** work it into me hurt a bit once he was all in move it in and out of me about ten minutes later he shot his s**** into me as I c** on to the bed sheet .lay there till he pull it out went to the bathroom day on the toilets and it run out of me by the time I got back to bed he was ready to f*** me again.After that he f*** me all the time got f*** him sometime .Later got to suck him and him me I swallow but he keep in his mouth then feed it into my mouth .Both married now but I want to be used again by men x


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  • I don't have friends who wear underwear. I am not comfortable with underwear. I hope I find one like you who enjoy it.

  • Fake incest propaganda at its worst.

  • Illiterate doublepost bullshit

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