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I notice there are a lot of posts about mum son adult taboo relationships but not many about dad daughter



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  • Here is a true daddy- daughter story.

    A father and daughter in South Carolina are facing charges of incest after their child died at a medical facitlity in October.Laurens County deputies said Katlyn Lauren Edwards gave birth to a child after 'becoming impregnated by her biological father'.During the investigation into the child's death, deputies said they discovered Edwards and her father, James Travis Brown, had been in a consensual and mutual relationship.Katlyn Lauren Edwards (left) and her father James Travis Brown (right) were arrested on incest charges after their infant child at a medical facility earlier this month

    How do you like that one?

  • Hi, to all my open minded friends. This guy is clearly a troll, looking for a reaction. Can everyone please stop responding to him. He is not here to debate.

    Thank you

  • Based on his replies he is here to do what we would all love see happen. The end of these posts.

  • Thank you I will keep trying. See other people are sick of your posts too.

  • Stop replying to yourself! It's embarrassing

  • He admitted it on naughtyposts that it's him lol be careful he loves when you chat to him

  • Ok lol

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  • Again it just re-enforces the fact that incest is happening and banning it isn't the answer

  • The answer is simple but western society is raised the wrong way

  • 👍👍🏻

  • Two slices of cake with an antenna and a pink postage stamp? Ok.
    Use your words

  • I an so glad of this post because you tend to think your the only one with a thing about your dads c***, secretly he would show it me

  • You're definitely not the only one!

  • Shut up dude.

  • Knew it was wrong but as I grew up nudity was optional up stairs so seeing private parts was normal, I had two brothers who weren't bothered about showing me there dikss I saw them wnking many times they didnt stop when I was watching after a while I use to wankk them both and I got my rewards, the only c** I was interested in was my dads, I have talked to my friends and they have a thing about there dads c**, when I saw dads c** I knew It gave life i just
    wanted to handle it once and may be go further

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  • Yes

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  • I would Kill you If I saw you touch a child. When their parents catch you hope your death is slow and painful.

  • What is so different about young p**** ? After reading this post I went to my friends house to a bbq. And his young daughter was sitting on the grass and I could see up her skirt her knickers on show. And I found myself looking omg.

  • Slit you throat.

  • Friends daughters are always good for that. I've not only caught glimpses but felt touched kissed and had them naked.
    I've turned down many as they were too young. From 9 to 13. But some... well.
    The innocent ones I never do more then smile at, but these other girls know and want, and I would later find out they found a willing older guy to help them out.

  • DP s** she needs now

  • Yes defo we Dped daughter school freind Jessica age 10 wow so tight and bald

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  • I think what makes us wanna look is the fact that we know it’s wrong to do so. Forbidden fruit as they say.

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  • For sure, plus to me it looks so much nicer hairless and chubby, feels better tastes better

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  • We all judge. You get caught and prison for you SickFUCK. Death If I caught you.

  • I dated a woman that, when really drunk, once admitted she grew up blowing her father and that was why she was so good at giving head. She said that they stopped when she got older and the temptation to take it to full s** got too real for both. I was stunned and shocked. I didn't know how I should react. She was basically bragging about her long earned talents while complaining that she was molested. Her BJ's were the best I had gotten. I felt sick about it. I still wonder about her

  • Lets see BULLSHITfakeASS story

  • It happens

  • Stop it you know that SickFUCKS post daddy, daughter incest posts. You want fakeBULLshit replies written here SICKfuck.

  • You saying incest does not happen and these posts are fake, you are wrong,
    I know from personal experience they are not, nobody will openly talk about taboo s**, you believe all these posts are fake some are fake some not, incest has happened for many years look back through history, I got into a dad daughter relationship because I wanted to, I wont give the details as to how it started, I made the first move because i wanted to, You seen to have a lot of anger.

  • My first was with my cousin, so yes incest happens.

  • Mine too she was 8

  • F*** how tight was she being just 8

  • I have anger at fake incest posts and even if one is real. The fact that anyone including children can come here and read thisBULLshit is very disturbing. It gives them abullSHIT insight to incest and they may molest or rape their siblings DUMfuck. But you never think about that do you? Most of you would love it if a brotherFUCKEDhis sister for the first time. No matter What you say there is always an aggressor and a victim. Families are supposed to protect their members fromSCUM like you and not be theSCUM you are. I have parents, brothers and sisters and nothing ever like that ever was thought of. All my friends I have known for all my life never did either. It is a tiny amount of you sickFucks out there. Now more then three years ago, one of my friends Granddaughter tried to commit suicide at age 13. Turned out her father was molesting her since she was nine years old and on her 13th birthday her raped her and continued to rape her till her suicide attempt. There is a result of your stinking incest. He should have been killed but a quick divorce and a 30year sentence with 10 years suspended. He must do the full 20 years. I meet the girl when she was at my friends house and she seemed normal. I even had a beer or two with her father when the family was there. I never saw anything, seemed normal to me. But I was wrong. I would have put lead in his head if I caught him. After that happened My friends daughter and her two kids moved in with him. Now he's in parent mode and we have not been hanging out like we did before. We loved working on our cars and going to car shows with our cars. We would go to shows in my plane for the weekend and thats gone now. Really gone with Coronavirus now, but don't think it will ever be the same. So I am a victim in this mess too. Stop posting this Krap so you don't sc rew up someone else's life.

  • Absolute BS!!!!! YOU ARE FULL OF S*H*I*T

  • 👆You. Thats the absolute truth You F******** it happened. But You don't want to believe it. I don't care. But that is the reason you will never get rid ou me hammering your sick posts. God you so blind and dumb. Look at all the pode's in prison and most of their crimes are committed against their children.

    You Are encouraging incest and some child or parent might act on that and someone will beFUCKEDup for life A$$WIPES.

  • Rubbish again. Incest doesn't encourage child s**!

    That's like saying s** should be banned because it encourages rape and also child s**! FFS

  • I agree yotally, and I am against governments making the law on this, a girl in one country is deemed of age at 12 but in another it is 21, makes no sense

  • You are the SickFUCKS making thisBULLshit up. You post this fakeCRAP and if some parent or older sibling reads it they might act on it with an underage sibling! Thats how thisCrap can lead to childSEXassWIPE. Whats wrong with you all the people in the world and all you can think about is incest and young children. I'm much older and when I was young had S ex with girls my age then. Now I would not want to have S ex with an 18 year old girl or even a 21 year old girl. They are young and dumb. They are needy bit ches a me me world. They like to play head games, they are immature period. Mature women are much better in bed then younger women any day. They got their sh it together and you don't have to play games to get them in bed. And no I'm not talking about grandma so don't go there. All you think is about is the age not the quality of the S ex from a woman. And ladyballs shutTHEfuckUP. All you think about is the incest part you would be happy if your sister or mother laid there like a stiff board as long as you couldFUCKher.

  • True as long as my sister was 8

  • FUCKyouPEDO see You dumbFUCKS Don't say that PEDO's aren't doing it.

  • Doing her is fun, she enjoys it so why a problem?

  • Dream on SickFUCK you never had it ain't never gonna get some. Thats why you are here. I'm here to wreck you sickJACKING sessions and it is working.

  • What a crock of crap

  • Say what you want but I won't stop A$$WIPE

  • To Continue My reply.
    I made the first move, we are a nudist family upstairs I have seen dad naked many times with and without an erection, and yes I did like to see his dik hard it made me go wet and warm, I did want to get my hands on it I don't think mum would have approved, my opportunity come when we went to the swimming baths, after our swim we were both naked drying off it was close in the changing cabin, our bodies accidently touching each other I think that's why dad got a full erection it kept knocking and rubbing against me which felt very good, I faced dad and took hold of his dik and gave him a hand job it only lasted seconds the first time, that's how it started.

  • How old were you?

  • FUCKyouASShole

  • Drop dead

  • 👆you ladyballs you are just one fake a$$whole who never had incest.

  • If thats true then you are not real nudists DA. Real nudists pride themselves on not getting aroused by seeing other nudists. Instead you and you father are very sick with no family morals.
    Just Like I tell Lady B**** if you are so proud of what you have done. Then you would have no problem telling all your friends and family about your sick events. But you won't because you would be too embarrassed and outcast from your friends and family. HeII you might be in jail with your father. You are almost as sick as the pedo's.
    You can't see it now, but your dad abused and raped you and one day that will hit you like a sledgehammer and you will be hurt bad.

  • If thats the case your father cheated on his wife or your mother. And you where his illegal mistress DumbA$$. There is another part of life's morals you sickFUCKS never think of. When you get married there should be nothing hiding between you like secrets. But thats one secret you will carry to your grave or post here.

  • Do one Sad act! Get life!!

  • Do one better and hang yourself or shoot yourself either way SickFUCK

  • Blah blah

  • Ignore it hopefully it will go away

  • I will never go away. I don't have to hide you do.

  • No trust me with a face like that you need to hide

  • I don't hide like you do A$$whole. I lead a normal life with nothing to hide. You can't say that. You live a life of lies and illegal disgusting incest.

  • Feels sooooooooooo darn good going in them though, mmmmmmmm the look in their eyes when icum

  • Dream on SickFUCK you never beenLAID

  • Got a much better life then you do. Mine don't involve immoral or illegal acts. DUMBA$$

  • Nothing wrong with it but it should not be forced

  • It's always forced stupid.There is always one aggressor and one victim. If you use s exual commits or beg for it you are the aggressor A$$hole. Someone has to make the first sick move DIPshitt.

  • It's not always forced but I'm it probably is in your perverse mind

  • It is always forced. Only one person has incest on their mind and pushes it on the other. They are not thinking about incest at the same time.

  • You make the first move if she say's no or stop then it means no or stop, if not do more, as long as she is ok with it nothing wrong, kids can enjoy s** too

  • I love incest but you are wrong!

  • Thank you lady b**** I respect the fact you leave children out of this.

  • You are so FUCKEDUPyou can't see straight.
    MythBusters' star Adam Savage's sister accuses him of sexual abuse when they were kids. She may have had fun when she was young but when the reality kicked in she joined the Me Two Movement and spoke up about it. Kids can not make S ex decisions because they do not know all the facts. And they lack full mental capacity to make decisions. Stop it you are the one who's lying. As Adam Sandler once sad " Adultery is bad, but incest isFUCKEDup" You are a small minority and incest is illegal in most countries including the one you live in.

  • Agreed

  • If she enjoys it pop her cherry

  • I can see the bum boy is interested

  • Lol

  • My Daddy and I have been f****** like rabbits since I was 16. Now 28. Best f****** s** ever. I only wish I had come on to him when I was 12. That when I discovered m*********** and would spy on him in the shower. His c*** is huge almost 10 inches.

    I wasted 4 years not having him inside me.


  • I disagree, I've seen many dad/daughter confessions/, fantasies on here.

  • The last 4gfs I've had all did dad, step dad or uncle. My wife was one of them;)


  • I was uncle my niece was 8

  • Really tight she was

  • You act like you are still 8 A$$WIPE

  • I know you want to wipe my ass with your tongue mmmmm lick it good

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