Dad Daughter

I notice there are a lot of posts about mum son adult taboo relationships but not many about dad daughter

Aug 14, 2020

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  • I an so glad of this post because you tend to think your the only one with a thing about your dads c***, secretly he would show it me

  • Email me and tell me about it.

  • Knew it was wrong but as I grew up nudity was optional up stairs so seeing private parts was normal, I had two brothers who weren't bothered about showing me there dikss I saw them wnking many times they didnt stop when I was watching after a while I use to wankk them both and I got my rewards, the only c** I was interested in was my dads, I have talked to my friends and they have a thing about there dads c**, when I saw dads c** I knew It gave life i just
    wanted to handle it once and may be go further

  • Good girl how old were you?

  • I dated a woman that, when really drunk, once admitted she grew up blowing her father and that was why she was so good at giving head. She said that they stopped when she got older and the temptation to take it to full s** got too real for both. I was stunned and shocked. I didn't know how I should react. She was basically bragging about her long earned talents while complaining that she was molested. Her BJ's were the best I had gotten. I felt sick about it. I still wonder about her

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