I really, and i mean really, want to kill my step-dad

My step-dad, Lets call him Johnathon (that's not his name btw) likes to tell me off when i haven't done s***. I've already been through enough and I'm only 12. My dad was abusive, controlling and was a drug addict, and I'm starting to think the same about Johnathon. He broke my Xbox when I didn't eat all of my chips (fries if you are American) He also Punched my uncle in the eye, giving him a black eye that lasted for weeks, and randomly has an outburst of rage, usually taking it out on me or my mum. Luckily enough for my mum, She has the guts to deal with him, but me... I can't deal with him anymore. I try my hardest to find somewhere in my heart to love him, but i can't. I HATE HIM, and my mum is supposed to marry him... any help would be greatly appreciated! thankyou and goodbye

Oct 3, 2020

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  • Wait things out for a bit longer and if things are not getting better any time soon just leave with what you can carry. Explain to a friends parents everything or someone else like that.

    If you do want to kill him (please don’t), remember to dig a grave for yourself too.

  • Try being nice to him. Suck him off now and then.

  • Least we don't f****** go around burning buildings over a druggie

  • Seek God

  • Why you white people do that.
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  • Show where in the OP it says they're white. God, racists are morons

  • Please, please, please, get help. Get the CPS involved (they're a part of the government that's supposed to help you get out of an abusive/horrible situation if you're a kid), anything to get you out of this hellhole you're forced to call home. You're a strong person for surviving this long and still choosing to stick around. If things get worse, I am begging you to please get out of there, maybe live with your relatives, anyone who you trust and can take you in and is capable of taking care of you until you turn 18 at most.

    In the mean time, gather evidences of his abuse, take videos of him lashing out, voice recordings of him verbally abusing you. Anything that you can use as proof of his abuse, you could show these to court, but you have to be careful that he doesn't find out. If he physically abuses you and there are markings, it's the best time to get the cops involved.

    I know you're extremely angry at your step-dad. But killing him will only make things worse on your side as you'd be charged with murder. You deserve to live a life that you enjoy.

    Look up CPS hotlines, call them, tell them your situation. I don't know where you live so here's some sites you can browse that has an international list of hotlines you can call:
    http://www.pleaselive.org/hotlines/ [i think this one is more US based]

    God bless kid, don't give up, aight?

  • Bide your time young man. Take up a practical martial art like crav maga, jiu jutsu, combat sambo, etc. Do that for a couple of years and record each of his s***** outbursts. When you inevitably get close to his size kick the f****** s*** out of him. While you do it remind him of every little terrible thing he did to you. Let up only when he’s a blubbering apologetic mess. He’ll will then know not to f*** with you or your mom.

  • Whut

  • Dude what the f*** shut up

  • American t***.

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