My Cousin Julia Or The Summer Of Awakening (Part 2)

The next morning, we had breakfast around 8 a.m. after which my parents and I packed our things for leaving. Then I realized I had forgotten my watch in Julia’s room the day before, after my aunt told me to prepare my bedroom. I knew exactly where my watch was. So, I went to Julia’s room, knocked at her door and asked her to let me in to pick up my watch. But she didn’t answer, so I carefully opened the door and realized she was not in her room. I finally found my watch and was ready to go, when I saw some clothes on her floor. Easy to see, it was the white short dress with blue flowers and green leaves she had worn the day before. Suddenly my heart began beating faster and faster, because I realized that I indeed entered the deepest privacy of my cousin Julia. The next moment I got a fright when I saw some white panties, because I knew it had to be hers, although I had never seen Julia wearing them directly. But there was no doubt that those panties on the floor were those she had also worn the day before when she was letting out all those beautiful farts. I really began to tremble because I knew I had a chance to check out that smell of them. I picked up her panties, looked inside and noticed a medium but huge brown stain over the whole part where her butt-cheeks had to be placed, which reached through her v***** area up to the part where traces of urine could be expected. On the v***** area, there were also some slight but clear white traces with some yellow traces above. Except at the top edges, the remaining regions were beige stained. Her panties looked like she didn't know how to wipe herself after the toilet. Probably she wiped in the “wrong” direction. I slowly but automatically put that cotton area up to my nose to take a slight deep becoming whiff. What I inhaled was almost impossible. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever experienced. THE ULTIMATE HEAVEN. I was not able to describe it in words, but it was a combination of heavy musty sweat filling with traces of old s*** after (probably careless) wiping. They smelled like she had worn them for days over many days without changing and without showering herself. I immediately got an erection. But I didn't have a chance to satisfy that huge desire so I finally put that part of cotton named Julia's panties into my pocket while thinking that I could hardly wait to come home sniffing them extensively. I went out of Julia’s room down to the house lobby where my parents were waiting for me to tell me that we three had to leave now. My aunt went outside in the garden and called her daughter: “Julia, they gotta go. C'mon!”. Julia ran out of the garden into the house to the lobby to be part of the decent host family who played the role of the warm goodbye committee telling us "It was a great pleasure for us to have welcomed you three. Bon voyage and we are looking forward to you coming to visit us again!". On that morning, when Julia was the well-mannered host daughter standing in the lobby, she was wearing a short and skinny jean with a light green T-shirt while her hair was open. I wanted her to be the last one I said goodbye to. When I squeezed my aunt for goodbye, I noticed Julia staring at me. When she noticed that I noticed her staring at me (How confusing, wasn't it?) she suddenly looked somewhere else as if she had felt like being caught with anything. When it was my turn to squeeze Julia for goodbye, her hair smelled freshly showered. While she smiled at me, it looks as if she was trying to hide her laughing or her crying, which I couldn't recognize. It all went so fast and my heart was beating like crazy while I was overwhelmed by her and thinking of what I got in my pocket from her. Around 9:30 a.m. we left for home.

When we had finally arrived at home again, I ran into my room, locked the door and even pulled down the curtain to be on the safe side. Then I grabbed into my pocket while my heart seemed to explode, opened my jeans, went to bed and started doing what REALLY had to be done. I put my nose into that beautiful Julia-raped victim of cotton, into that darkest part of her panties and inhaled so slowly because I feared the beauty I smelled would break immediately. But the scent was so unbelievably strong and I could not resist masturbating and my o***** came about 30 seconds later. Never before and after it came faster than that time. After that I immediately needed to start masturbating again. I repeated that process several times more the following night. It felt so necessary like sleeping, drinking, eating. I imagined her tender face, her round voice, her lips which always tended to start laughing, the smell of her fruity and sometimes cheesy breath in the middle of the day, when we were close face to face, her whole body in different situations, captured on my mind and on several pics I collected, and the smell of her farts, but in all situations, I was enjoying the beauty of HER scents additionally by caressing that cotton with my nose. From that moment on my sexuality was focused exclusively on Julia. But because she was my cousin I neither expected me to talk to her about my feelings nor did I ask her anything what she might feel like. What would both our parents think if I...? But I noticed and realized every possible thing about her. Whenever I met Julia, I collected all her beauty and learned to know how I literally soaked up everything from her with all my senses, waiting for a moment when I was able to allow myself to enjoy at least my imagination of her. Even now at twenty-eight Julia is still my main fantasy and the temple of my desire.

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