Although everyone knows me as a straight, I'm a gay

I'm 19, and I seem like a normal man. But I started to notice I'm a gay for about 8 years ago. My friends, my parents, everyone know me as a normal man. I've been hiding that as a secret for years, and I'm tired now. I want to say this to someone because I can't live with this secret anymore. I'm in pain, and I'm suffering. But I scare from people's reactions, maybe my friends may leave me. People I love can negatively change their opinions about me. By the way, I'm not living in Europe, so in my country being a gay isn't nice. That is, I don't know what I should do.

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  • I'm 15 and I've come to the realization that I'm gay and not just a cute curious kid experimenting. I'm gonna keep it a secret though.

  • Be smart about this ... if there is obvious discrimination against the Gay community, and you don’t hv “rights” as a gay man, you must hang in there until you can quietly leave your country or city. do not disclose your sexual orientation until you can fully trust a person. take good care. and be safe.

  • At least you as agree that you're not normal. Gays ( or queers to use a better term ) are strange people.
    Keep your secret to yourself.
    Most normal people ( like me ) hate queers.

  • You’re not “normal” m*********** ... probably love f****** your boyfriend too. closeted f***.

  • Are you retarded?

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