Found my sister's stash

I'm 14 and male, and I was being nosy and looking through my sister's (19 yo) laptop and found a protected folder hidden several folders deep in the pictures. I guessed the password (lol) and it was full of private pictures and videos of her and her boyfriend, and some of her other friends too, male and female. They were naked and doing sexual things, not only at home but in public places as well! I haven't told anybody about it but I took a copy of it all and look through it all every day, it's really hot. I feel a bit guilty about it tbh, but not guilty enough to not j*** off over it every day.

Aug 18, 2020

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  • Send me some pics at

  • While my Niece who was staying with us for her higher studies left for some local purchase, I searched her hand bag which was left behind and found a packet of condom of which four out of ten was missing. I further searched her laptop and found some p***. On further search I found her nude photos also which seems to have been shared with her boyfriend as one boy's erect p**** photos were also in it but nothing of sexy videos of herself. But I knew she was f****** some boyfriend.

  • Feel free to send them my way at

  • Can you send me some of it?

  • Jesus , I'm a 14 year old girl and reading these all confessions shock me!!

  • I slutty

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