Some great friends you have there.

At the bar with some friends on the weekend and my husband had to leave early because he had to work the next morning, I was going to go with him but he said to stay since I hadn't gone out in forever, I stayed with two of his friends, Long story short there was a lot of drinking, some shots, Some dancing and as we stumbled out the door they offered to walk me home, I declined and stumbled off but a few minutes later they caught up with me and I had to sit down as we crossed the park.
I was way wasted and I am pretty sure I even puked at one point but I remember pushing his one friend away when he kissed me and then there was a c*** out, then another, I declined and my dress got unzipped, I was trying to keep it on and keep them from touching me and then my dress ended up at my waist and there were hands on my b****, I stood up to leave and my dress completely came off, I ended up bent over the bench and blah, blah, blah. Then they got me on the ground and switched back and forth. I now hate his two friends, Regardless of what shape I was in and how little I was bale to defend myself you bend your friends wife over a freaking park bench and tag team her.
I am freaking out for days now because of this and I try not to show it but I am soooooo angry all the time, Embarassed, scared, Disgusted, And so many other things, I just want to rewind and make it not happen, If I tell my husband he will beat the s*** out of them and make me charge them and then the whole town will know, Oh god, What if anyone seen. F@#&!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 18, 2020

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  • You've been raped. You should report those a*******

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