Drain The trump

We gotta get him out that white house! he gotta go!

Aug 21

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  • There's nothing to replace him with - a vacuous, demented old fool and a far leftist ready to step in when he dies?

    Couldn't your side come up with anything better? A baked potato, perhaps?

  • Why explain

  • Hes arogant. Stubborn.never takes responsibility for anything. Never pays attention to people who know more then him and ignore those that he pays to tell what they think like Anthony fauci.. And deboarah birks got disappeared? He keeps saying "it is what it is" like there's not any thing that can be done about this virus? No hes sick in his brains and hes really got to go. November not soon enough but its all we got! D R A I N ! ! ! ! sickness !

  • I would suggest that being arrogant and stubborn is pretty common in that job. Obama was certainly both. Both Bushes easily fit that description and Clinton was stubborn but managed it without coming off as arrogant.

    When the Chinese knew about the virus but hid it from the world, we eventually found out about it in January. Trump wanted to block travel in from China and then later from Europe, but the Democrats mocked him and called him a xenophone. Joe Biden included. The experts split on whether all of the extreme measures beyond hand washing and safe distancing made a difference. If you were in the Oval Office at the time, what would you have done differently?

    I'd love to see the guy replaced by a more 'presidential' person. His tweeting is really unprofessional. I have to believe though, that there has to be someone moderate who isn't a j*** or braindead that the Democrats could have put up against them.

  • Hey listen up.... blaine likes to sit on top of people's stomachs at school recess

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