Be a stripper .

I'm 14 , I look older than my age people say . I wanna be a stripper for older men just because I need money & I want nice looking clothes I will not be topless bottom less yeah but dancing & stuff of course I'm planning to do this when I'm 16 cause I'm too young right now .. my family will hatee me if I do this but I gotta do what I gotta do .. btw I live in C.A and just tell me where & ill do it .. ;)

- men ages ( 30 & older )

I like 5O & up <3

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  • I am jealous of meghan markle marrying prince harry because she has already been married and its unfair for all the women who are single and never been married who are around her age or older who have not been married once. she is spoilt and selfish and how many times does she want to be the bride when harry becomes boring to her she will marry some young jock with more glamor when being royal has become boring and restricting and disappointing to her. I just am jealous that they don't love someone like me and also that the queen even tolerates the rudeness of meghan and the poking the tongue out like a child or miley ray hollywood, it is not a royal thing to do, she is going to be just the royal gester to everyone and the royals in the end. then she will marry some younger guy with more power when harry has none and is old and dull and she has no power as a royal and has worn out her welcome. how can the queen tolerate that behavor ? what is she thinking? is she stupid?

  • Not to be mean but as a stripper your gonna be expected to at least be topless

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