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I visit my dad on the weekends because my mom and dad are divorced so I spend every weekend with him. Mostly because he lets me pretty much do whatever I want and he buys me anything I want. I'm his only child and his only daughter so I am definitely a daddy's girl and he spoils me rotten and I love it! But, like, about two weeks ago I went to spend the weekend at my dad's house and he went to the store to buy some beer. So I went up to his bedroom to put my clothes and stuff in there because he only has one bed and we both sleep in it when I stay with him. But I went to put some stuff in the closet and on the floor I saw these p*** dvd's. And these dvd's were, like, father/daughter incest p***. I was shocked, to say the least. But I just closed the closet door and I never said anything to him about it. But I've thought about it alot since then. After I got back home, I told my best friend about it. She just told me that it's no big deal. She told me that she had unlocked her dad's computer account and found all sorts of father/daughter incest pictures and seen all these father/daughter incest websites that her dad had visited. I asked her if that freaked her out and she said no. She says that it is natural for dads to become sexually attracted to their daughters as their daughters develop in to women. I have never heard that before. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I just needed to vent this because I am now putting it out of my mind. My dad means the world to me. The weekends I spend with my dad, spending time with him, sleeping in his bed with him, that's the safest I EVER feel. I love my dad more than any words could ever say. NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE THAT!!!


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  • That's how I feel about my dad.. I love him more than anything.. But I have never found incest p*** at his house.. Just regular good old fashion p*** lol creeps me out tho lol.... And to those comments below...YOUR F***** SICK YOU NEED PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP...... :)

  • i am a dad and have beat of to incest p*** but like the others never actually considered doing it with my daughter. But on the other hand if u where interested u might tease him and in the end give him some. Think about it he loves u more than he has ever loved any female and u love him more than almost anything. At least u would be safe and comfortable and i doubt he would ever hurt you so the possablity is there for some amazing s** for both of u in a clean safe and comfortable enviroment. Just a though

  • Yeah I am a dad. I have a daughter and a step daughter. I can fantasize about my stepdaughter just fine but it doesn't really work when I try to think of my daughter. Maybe you should tease him a bit and see how that goes. If he enjoys it you will know where he is with all that. If he tells you to stop then you know he is a dad first and a man second.

  • im a dad also.. ive masterbated over incest p*** also.. but would never even think or want to think about s** with my daughter.. so i agree with the above guy.. its not real just a fantasy and not my daughter.. same as i have watched like 3 guys f****** a woman as her hubby watches..... doesent mean i want my wife to do that.. its just a fantasy ... NEVER want it to happen.. thats what makes it exciting .. cos its somthing you would never do or want... hope you understand..

  • Meh, I'm a dad. I've spanked off to "incest" p*** on the internet.
    It's not real, it's not my daughter.

    Anyone who would do that to their actual daughter needs to be kicked in the nuts with spiked steel toe boots.

    "Deuteronomy 32:1 B****!" and then run like h***

  • Quite a few posts that don't neeed to be here. More suitable for Penthouse Letters... or Chery or some other trash.

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