Father of mine

I love my dad. not like as lover but as a dad. i haven't seen him since i was 8 and i'm 17! i act like i hate but deep down i wish i could still be with him.

May 20, 2011

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  • Your dad didnt want you he just wanted your mummies p****

  • Yeah maybe.. or maybe mom just wanted a cash cow she can bang Tyrone on the weekend and every other thirsty moron in sight

  • That mother f***** should have been a better father. My dad died when I was 7, so I know what it means to lose a parent. I can't believe that selfish a****** hasn't taken the time to see his own kid.

    F*** him. When I am a father, I am going to make sure I'm there for as long as I can be. You should as well. Strive to be more than your father because you obviously are the better person. You are, don't deny it. F*** your dad, he's an idiot, and is a far lesser person than you ever will become!

  • F*** off you judgmental d***! How do you know why the dad hasn't seen them? Maybe he got royally f***** in court and couldn't... Maybe he couldn't make child support and alimony so ended up in jail, then lost his job because of being in prison. Then couldn't get another job to pay for his ex wife's lifestyle, so off to jail again... Then got depressed, suicidal and ended up homeless you shitbag

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