An Odd Problem

I have a weird problem. I have Tourette syndrome, and a "complex tic" that I have is that I put my hand on my testicles and push it down a little, quite embarrassing. That combined with my eye tics, some people in public have thought that i"m a creep.

I also need to "adjust" myself a lot. I don't have anyone to talk about this with; It's hard to on here because of course someone would lie on here about the fact that they have a big private part to make them feel good about themself. I've done some research, and it said that I need to use plenty of lube during s** and put an extra enthuses on "for-play." It's a nightmare to some and heaven to others.

I wish I could wear athletic shorts in public, but my mom won't let me because of the bulge. If any of you have any underwear recommendations for a "well-endowed" man, please tell me below.

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  • A person with Tourette syndrome, would never post here. Tourettes comprises of small ticks and one syllable words. youBULLSHITfaker. You having to put your hands down in you pants is not a small tick. idiot. Since this a real illness you are a sickFUCK for using it for this story A$$WIPE.

  • Why don't you just f*** off you abnormal c*** ?!?!

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