Mom and me

Im tryna get my mom drunk and f*** her p**** i have gotten close before but i need to f*** her now because i need to feel her inside and out

Sep 21, 2019

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  • Get yourself gun and shoot yourself thats sick

  • Minu ema tarvitab ka vahest alkoholi aga vähe.Ükskord tuli naabrinaise sünnipäevalt öösel koju,siis ta oli küll ennast ülearu täis joonud.Mina olin jutte ema ja poeg palju lugenud ning nüüd oli mul õige aeg ema peale mõelda.Ema võttis ennast kuidagimoodi riidest ja läks voodi.Ootasin kui ta magama jäi siis läksin ta seljataha ja võtsin ümbert kinni ja mudisin ta paljaid rindu.Ema magas nii raskelt kui ma ta jala kõrgemale tõstsin et ta jalgevahet silitada.Aluspükse ei saanud ära võtta,aga ma venitasin püksisäärt et sain ta kuuma vittu katsuda.Surusin talle tagant lusik asendis sisse ja sain mõned korrad sisse tõugata kui mul juba pauk lahti läks.Olin vist liiga hasartis emale mõeldes.Lasin vaikselt ta jala alla,kohendasin veidi ja läksin magama.Ootasin hommikut et näha ema et mis ta räägib.Mitte ühtegi sõna sellest ööst ning ma hakkasin juba järgmist korda planeerima.Võtku aega mis tahes aga tahaks emaga päris kainelt nikkuda.Loodame paremat. Estonian

  • My mom is 46 and a complete drunk. She started drink at 10 with her father and they became lovers on her 11th birthday. She never hid the facts from me or that her father is my father also.

    She got knocked up at 13 and had me a month before her 14th birthday. They continue after I was born. But he died when i was 8. Mom really started drinking and a few months later became sexual with me, she had no one else. She would say, Make Mommy feel good, please I want to feel good again.

    By 12, my d*** was long enough for s** and at 13 I started to c** regularly. We used no protection. Mom was only 27.

    When she was 28, I got her pregnant and we had a beautiful daughter, Lilly. Whose now 18.

    I know mom is drinking herself to death, but she will not stop. My life revolves around keeping my daughter safe and controlling mom with s**.

    If I have s** with her oral, a*** and regular several times a day she is stable.

    But last week, I walked in and she was eating Lilly's p****. I try to stop her but Lilly said, No it feels so good.

    So now Mom has dragged our daughter in to this mess. Lilly and I have not had regular s** only oral and a***. But mom watches.

  • Be affectionate with your mom and obviously carry on with the drink. The fact that you've got close before would suggest you are on the right track! Be flirtatious and pay her plenty of compliments and hopefully things should happen naturally for you two. Remember birth control!!

  • Drop in a couple of sleeping pills in her drink - then all of her body is yours for the whole night. I did it with my 55 yo aunt. Works best! But after a couple of such incidents, me using no condom, she could realize what was gong on with her p**** and she confronted me once. I told her the truth and after that we have f***** whenever we both wanted.

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