Rant About Race-Relations

I’m a 22 year old black guy that goes to college in the south. I like it here, but one of the few things that I dislike about here are the white girls. I’ve hooked up with a couple and my friends like them too. But they see us as ‘mysterious’ and a ‘forbidden-fruit’ which is condescending. The way they look at me is annoying. I’m a ‘beautiful chocolate man.’ They look at me with this lustful look in their eyes.

I’ll speak “Ebonics” around my friends, but I’m at my school on a scholarship because I did really well in high school. White girls compliment me for “talking white” which is annoying.

The moral of my vent: Young brother’s, stay away from white women. They’re not worth your time.

Note: Asian people are scared of me, I have a twisted sense of humor so its okay.

Aug 26, 2020

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  • FAKE.

    This was most likely written by an asian or a white person due to the randomness of the very last para (note). The choice of words used are too vague to be used by someone who has lived this. Too impersonal.

    So many people pretending to be black on this site. The obsession certain races have with black people is pathetic and just plain weird. Maybe black people should feel flattered that so many can't stop thinking/talking about them. Lol.

  • White- black, white-black, white-black...you people and your f****** egos. Isn't it wonderful that you were born you? That's your ego. You are all dumb. Your planet is filling up with your pollution/poison and you argue over these dumb things. And it's not the next guy that's the problem...it's you. But you'll just make more dumb people because your ego will tell you to procreate because your not the dumb ones....the others are. And you'll never see that the problem is people. More dumb people.

  • You know, some of us southern girls just love black c*** honey, better than stupid white boys

  • Martin Luther King....... Lead his people in a burning house

  • White girls are stupid. They jump on every social justice bandwagon and believe that they can save the world. They really don't care about the issues, just what people think of them so they speak up about the issues. You said it yourself, they want the ebonic-speaking black guy. They want the edgy, bad-boy persona and not a gentleman. Then they'll start dating a bad-boy, only to want to turn him into a good boy, like it's some sort of quest.

  • Don't hate, just love. Everyone is different, regardless of what racial ethnicity a person has. We're all individuals - remember that. Don't judge white people collectively, based on your individual experiences. Treat everyone as individuals.

    You have a long way to go. Don't worry, hopefully you'll become wiser and more mature, with time.

  • Finally, someone speaking rationally on the topic of race...

  • Keep that race fire burning, while at the same time whining that you and only you are the victim of it...

  • My friend!

  • Go back and live your life with peace and harmony no whites!

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