My bf has no

The restaurant shut down in April but kept communicating on social media with regulars. I'm a server. Tony owns a small construction company & posted pics of his backyard patio bar, grill with fire pit. Totally dope! He sent a bbq invite to his employees & friends. His wife was left to visit her mom for a week.
I asked my bf to go but no chance. When covid hit, his ass moved back in with his parents, f**king games all the time and TOLD me not to come over until there’s a vaccine.
I ran the bar & Tony grilled. I don’t drink but one of the guys brought pot and took a few hits. The guys left. I stayed to help Tony plus I still had a buzz. Tony lit another joint and we shared. I was feeling relaxed. We started kissing. Things got heated! It’d been so long for me. I gave him head. He returned the favor and made me c**! We had s** & he sent me over! I spent the night. Glad I did!
Its fun hooking up with him even though he’s 47 & married.
Things are getting back to normal. I got called back to work June 1. His wife visits her her mom once a month. I stay with him when she’s gone.
To all the haters! We have a clear agreement. We're just friends hooking up for s**. I don't want a relationship & I don't want him to divorce.
My BFF thinks its cool. My bf has no

Sep 3, 2020

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  • Any time some child feels the need to mutter about "haters" that is always a guilty conscience talking. Nice try, dumb wh0re :) you're still scum

  • Nice. Lucky lady.

    I’m 48, can’t wait till this CoViD thing is done so my hubby goes back to the office and I can get some new c***. I had an amazing s** life as a stay at home mom.

    I have a couple of moms that we enjoy each other company and a few guys in the neighborhood that work from home before CoViD that we young and soo cute.

    Not to mention I’d occasionally flirt with a contractor or two we had doing work around the house. I’ve had plumbing and ac work done for free. Well, maybe a bj or a sloppy f****** but I wanted it so it was my pleasure

  • Your bf is a soyboy.

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