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Looking in the wife's panty drawer found a 8" black d****.When asked about it said she won it at a friend's s** toy party and has used it on occasion when I was working late. I'm 56 the wife is 46 married 25 plus years 2 grown kids good s** life .For our anniversary got a room for the weekend in Atlanta near a 40's and over dance club Johnny's .We went to the local mall shopping did dinner hit the club . The wife had on a new dress a little shorter than usual .We had a drink danced a little I'm not much a dancer.She danced with a couple of guys then she met Ron a big black city cop off duty for the nite they hit it off well invited him to our table for a few drinks we talked football but he couldn't keep his eyes off the wife. Ron went to the restroom the wife said her pants were soaked she proceeded to the ladies room to remove them as Ron was coming out of the men's room and passed the wife going in the ladies room they embraced for a long toung kissing session. When they returned to the table it was time to go . The wife not ready to call it a nitee invited Ron to the hotel for a nitecap. After a few drinks the wife sits in Ron's lap and they have a makeout session which led to She and Ron in one bed me in the other he stayed the nite stretching my wife's married p**** to the max I woke up the next morning to her suckingoff this morning wood. He left her full off his seed and got her phone number to see her again. I've had a vasectomy and the wife is not on the pill very concerned about her getting pregnant. I crawled in her bed she said she was to soar so we laid there and kissed and fingered her swollen p****. That was not the last of Ron she has seen him at least once a week since and refuses to get on the pill . Don't know how this is gonna end.

Sep 8, 2020

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  • The wife has informed me she is having s** with Ron exclusively and she has moved into our basement appt . He sleeps over at least 4 times a week filling her married p**** with his big black c*** . Says she can't get enough him. As for me I J******* alot fornow

  • U know exactly how it will end your going to raise his kid you small d*** p**** get her ass in line or leave her

  • Wife comes upstairs this morning after her black lover Ron leaves for work t

  • Wife comes upstairs this morning after Ron leaves for work says she feels like she has the flu sick to her stomach nipples itching wanted me to look at her p**** which I did the lips looked puffy which I attributed to Ron's large c*** she said she feels pregnant told her to make a appt with her gynecologist to get checked out at 46 it is a low chance of getting pregnant ..but with her f****** Ron on a steady basis could be possible .A 46 year old married wife having her black studs baby .

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