Do something about those maxi pads

That mess smells bad. Ladies stay home when that crap come on. I don't want to smell that at work. Men are not interested in women with periods.



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  • Wouldn't it ironic if you got hemorrhoids and you had to wear pads yourself or maybe even a diaper? that would be hilarious

  • Who??
    What are you saying
    I can't hear you

  • Then God made woman

  • I was working as janitor and I had to clean bathrooms. When you walk in you can smell those things these women wear between those legs. I quit because I will not touch nothing from a woman. That's why I don't use female bathrooms. Its disgusting. I use the men bathrooms. And they are much cleaner. My husband goes into the mens bathroom for my safety. Those things need to be burned. Not to be left in the bathroom. I have no sympathy and I don't care. Women need to wash three or four times a day when that thing comes on. Men or other people don't need to see or smell that. It stinks. women are not discreet about that anymore. If you want respect. It has to be earned.

  • Do you have super senses? How the f*** can you smell it? Tard

  • You can smell it. It smells like dead fish

  • And we are not interested in you and your dumb post.

  • You are, why you commented

  • For someone who really needs to shitpost all the time AND really needs to respond to every comment it doesn't like with some kind of childish remark, you have zero room to talk. But you will anyway. Do it NOW, maggot!!

  • Go get a hysterectomy. its time to remove the red stuff. its a negative

  • What is wrong with you A$$ hole? Why do you keep posting about how women smell? Nobody thinks you are funny. You are a j*** and quit this.

  • Because you like to respond

  • OP is sad because he has a tampon in his r***** and no woman will touch him except mommy

  • You are nasty as your sins. Clean your mouth

  • LOL

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