Never agree to anything when drunk.

I agreed to anniversary a*** last night, My good god, So terrible. Face down, Bum in the air getting "Prepped" with his tongue and fingers and then OH F***, never again, 13 minutes of pain and disgust and then I literally gagged when he came in me...So f****** gross. Men are pigs.

Sep 28, 2020

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  • He wants you to do that to him

  • And the prude award goes to...

  • Try getting f***** in your ass yourself, before judging others!

  • Ok. You didn't enjoy it. Don't do it again. Simple.
    So stop being so dramatic

  • Yeah so...Maybe you need to make sure he knows that buttstuff is off the table so he doesn't try to talk you into it again.

  • Truly excellent observation^ and advice^. Two words in summation:


  • U agreed to it you w**** ur a f****** c** s*** how are men pigs when you let him. This is exactly why us girls get bad names

  • Sounds like you feel somehow entitled to enjoy sexual activities.

    Basically my wife gets f***** in whatever hole I choose.

  • Sounds like you enjoy raping your wife


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