Love Of My Life 😍

I have been very shy around girls since childhood. I had a huge crush on a girl in school🥰, it was so strong that I didn't even for a second thought about any other girl. And I didn't even imagine much of sexual tension between us, but just something so pure was there. I wish I could feel that way again for somebody 😔. I was like one of hundreds of friends to her, but she was so special to me. We lived close by and went to same tuition for sometime, I used to walk her home and I was so shy, I would just walk faster and stay ahead of her, never tried to connect to her beyond basic friendship😔. The worst part is I took Science for her, as she took it too. But she quickly changed to Commerce and I couldn't do that as my parents were too happy about science. That was it for me, and I basically didn't see her anymore.

All of this happened so suddenly, I just wish I had utilized my time with her or just... nothing else.

After her I haven't been able to feel that strongly about any other girl and that annoys me so much.

Currently I would just like to have a simple relationship with a girl who I can understand and share my thoughts with. P.S. I have never been in any kind of relationship other than one sided love.

I maybe kinda average looking, but really I am smart, thoughtful and loving in nature, I just hope there is someone to whom I could show my trueself to.

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