MY wife and her family

When I got engaged to my beautiful wife she told me that she had a "special" family and I would have to accept them as their lifestyle if she was going to marry me. I didn't know exactly what she was talking about but I saw the way her parents, sisters, their husbands and Relatives kept fawning around her and I could guess. On the day of our wedding I lost track of her at the reception at her Uncle's house and went looking for her. I went outside and saw a bedroom window behind some bushes and peeked in. There was my Dawn on the bed with her wedding gown pulled up around her waist and her mother bending over her licking her p**** while her mother's brother fed his large Johnson into her mouth. I could see strings of c** being licked up by her Mom so I know her Uncle had just f***** her.

I am now a wimpy husband who just watches Dawn at family events lick her Mom and Sisters' p******, f*** her Brothers-In Law, ride her Dad's enormous c***, blow her married cousins, d**** her Aunts and 69 with her sisters as everyone sits around fingering themselves or j**********. I haven't been allowed to have s** with her for several years and just j******* watching everyone. Everyone keeps it in the family so they don't risk disease but I know she's f***** some black c*** at the house as I listen in behind the closed bedroom door.

Oct 6, 2020

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  • Join in and be an active part in the fun, f*** them all and leave your wife for good!

  • Why not join in and f*** her better than all of them you p**** what stupid s*** is that

  • My wifes mom and dad insisted on watching my wife and I consumate the mariage

  • It's all fantasy until it's not

  • Love it. Keep them coming

  • What a load of C R A P Fake incest propaganda at its worst. Fock off and die

  • Sucks to be you.

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